I want to play around with assembly language programming. I use a Windows XP laptop. What are the tools/options I have ?
Posted on 2005-07-29 16:58:38 by asdaas
I'm sure it got answered before but as time has changed we might as well do it again:

First you should maybe decide on what assembler to pick. There's

  • Masm @ www.Masm32.com

  • GoAsm @ www.godevtool.com

  • Fasm @ www.flatassembler.net

  • ..and many other ones but you can explore that later

of which masm is the probably most widely used on this board.

For reading material Iczelion ( www.win32asm.cjb.net ) wrote a bunch of excellent tutorials for beginners making your first steps as easy as possible. And the Intel Manuals which are downloadable @ http://developer.intel.com/design/pentium4/manuals/index_new.htm.

Then you'd probably want to decide on writing either in Notepad, some IDE you already own, or pick one IDE from here. There's

  • RadAsm

  • WinAsm Studio

  • Easy Code

  • AsmEdit

  • Fresh for Fasm

Personally I use RadAsm, but the choice is all up to you.

Once you got stuck with your code and decide you need a Debugger, OllyDbg @ www.ollydbg.de is a great debugger for an awsome price.

Well, what more? Good luck.
Posted on 2005-07-30 22:55:42 by JimmyClif
Fantastic. Thanks. I will live now.
Posted on 2005-07-31 17:46:28 by asdaas

This is what was still missing.
Posted on 2005-07-31 18:53:09 by Xor Stance

I didn't know that  :shock:  It's really 'programmer's heaven' ;)
Posted on 2005-07-31 19:05:19 by ti_mo_n
I use NASM and i think that it is the best assembler around!
Posted on 2005-08-16 13:43:21 by solarwind.24
why nasm when you have fasm? :)

There's also http://www.tortall.net/projects/yasm/ , and http://notepad-plus.sf.net/ is a very decent free/opensource text editor (takes ~5min to set up syntax highlighting for assembly in it, and it has neat features like folding etc.)

For "getting started", I would recommend http://www.madwizard.org/dl.php?file=tutors.win32asm - it's more "learning assembly" while Iczelion's tutorials are "learning windows programming". If you can get your hands on it, "Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold is very nice too.
Posted on 2005-08-16 13:53:46 by f0dder