To prevent including a file multiple times.

It works like
  #ifndef _checkin_mac_
  #include checkin.mac
  #define _checkin_mac_
in C.

1. Add "include CHECKIN.MAC" before using macros "CHECK_IN" and "CHECK_OUT".
2. Add the macro "CHECK_IN" to the beginning of the file.
3. Add the macro "%CHECK_OUT" to the end of the file.

ReadMe.txt      this
CHECKIN.MAC  main file
TEST.ASM      example of step 1
TEST.INC      example of steps 2, 3
ml_msg.txt      the output messages of assembling TEST.ASM
TOOLS\*      an example to do steps 1, 2, 3 in a batch.
Posted on 2005-08-02 23:40:23 by jemin