Some time ago i met one girl, we used really really awful web chat... She was not (and still is not) good in computers. So I have decided to make small IM progiee. (It was good idea, because Ive need some project to school too ;) My and her ways split in the meantime, so i have lost motivation, anyway what i made, was enough for A. ;)

Now i want just give something to comunity, maybe someone would like to continue. (ok ok, its not anything big, just few lines... but it could be great for some beginner)

Main features which this piece of code should has:
- small :) (imagine that your girlfriend leech it every day ;)
- zero client configuration (you will configure everything, she just download, run, and chat) my initial intention was mad selfwriting executable, you will set it save and upload, just one file. (But i afraid that its impossible to do it in some elegant way, i was setting data in compile time)
- logging (im sure that you want read again and again that someone loves you)

Main bugs which really ruffle my nerves:
- chat history, doesn't scroll down in win98 i think that this is worst bug
- when compile as client, changing menu item "listen" to "connect" right after program start simply doesn't work... (can someone explain me this f*ing mystery?)
- settings dialog is not nitwit resistant

Some things to-do:
- dialog timestamp and logging (nothing difficult)
- nicks highlight and difference from chat text... (easiest probably through rich text/rich boxes - I've wasted much time with this)
- minimizing to systray, and some kind of notice (window flashing?) when new message arrive

All files which i think that are important are in attached zip file. If nobody, would like to continue in this "project" pleas give me at least advice about solving of first bug. You know, that girl is back again and she has w98 (OMG).

ICQ 77322552 (its better way then PM)
Posted on 2005-08-05 17:38:48 by dizzi