ComboBox, how can i  get the written text in it?

I want to get the text in the ComboBox and then add it to the ComboBox list. I have tried many to sen many messages but i don't get the text.
Posted on 2005-08-16 11:09:18 by lilljocke
Did you tried sending the CB_GETLBTEXT message to the combobox to retrieve the text from it?
Posted on 2005-08-16 12:14:30 by berril
Yes i have but it just gets the text in the list but is the user wrote something in it i don't get the text. I want to get the text that is not  in the list and then add it to the list .
Posted on 2005-08-16 12:33:55 by lilljocke
Did you try WM_GETTEXT and then CB_ADDSTRING?
Posted on 2005-08-16 12:36:48 by QvasiModo
Yes but WM_GETTEXT doesn not work
Posted on 2005-08-16 12:55:20 by lilljocke
WM_GETTEXT, GetDlgItemText, GetWindowText, one of those is going to work. I had problems with combo boxes as well, they seem to have a bug when retrieving text from them. :(
Posted on 2005-08-16 13:13:25 by QvasiModo