Heya, i've been offline alot, so i decided to start win32 asm again, as nothing else to do at my gf's.
first thing i am confused about is simply

addr & ADDR both of those are used in the tutorials, (i have the chm file),whats the difference between them?

second is. all i want is pointers, basically the mouse tutorial, where u click and text is painted, i altered the tutorial to show coloured text,
now i was wondering how to store the text on the window, and when u next click the old text stays in the position u click , and the new text is placed in the new area, so the person can fill the window with junk.
also i was hoping to do some sort of a counter.
on each click the counter would rise, and the colour of the text would change, as the macro's input values would be based on the mouse click counter.


p.s. - i have no idea what i am doing in asm really, i understand most of ic's tuts BUT i have done them a few times, can anyone suggest somthing for me to use to enhance what i know, i want to know dos, linux, and general asm coding styles, going through graphics etc.
obviously from beginner up. if anyone can help that would be great, i should be offline 1 more week, as i have tgo get with 1 isp them migrate to another.
thanx for any help

Posted on 2005-08-21 05:23:02 by Damnation
There is no difference between using addr and ADDR. Of course this does not apply to variables and labels if you use "casemap: none"

The only thing that came into my mind is to use dynamically allocate a buffer (GetCurrentProcess, HeapAlloc) and store the pointer inside your WNDCLASS using SetClassLong with GCL_CBWNDEXTRA. You can retrive this pointer using GetClassLong.

I would recommend you to start with something small, before moving onto something bigger. This is so that you will not get frustrated if you start working on a big project and end up giving up on it.
Posted on 2005-08-21 06:14:14 by roticv
I personally prefer GetProp/SetProp over Get/SetWindowLong, which work fine if you want to store per-window information.
Posted on 2005-08-21 08:30:13 by f0dder
:P U were just like me. Be happy with Asm-programming
Posted on 2005-10-27 23:51:14 by iNeedSpeed