I recently redownloaded the Core SDK and set it up similar to what Donkey suggests over here in this thread changing the ms-help://MS.PSDKXPSP2.1033 to ms-help://MS.PSDKWhateverItWasIDontRememberRightNow.1033 and it works if and only if I hit F1 when I'm on an API Name.

Hitting F1 anywhere else it still shoots up Win32.hlp which is not what I want. Sadly finding any info about setting up the sdk w/ RadAsm is very hard.


On another note? Where did the Visualassembler-RadAsm board go?
Posted on 2005-08-31 11:48:53 by JimmyClif
Hi Jimmy,

The command you used for the latest PSDK is ms-help://MS.PSDKSVR2003SP1.1033. For your problem I don't think it is currently possible to use the F1 key on a blank and have it start the PSDK. That particular F1 invocation is controlled by the section of RadASM.INI and it expects a standard winhelp file. Changing it to the full command line (\radasm\addins\H2Viewer.exe /helpcol ms-help://MS.PSDKSVR2003SP1.1033) does not seem to help.

I have recently sent Ketil a modified version of Qweerty's RadHelp addin that increases the hit-rate dramatically when searching keywords as well as limits the help to a single window when switching keywords.

Posted on 2005-09-11 09:56:11 by donkey
Thanks Donkey... I finally got around to test it and you are so right - the hit rate increased a thousand fold.
Posted on 2005-10-03 13:14:52 by JimmyClif