I have read the book 3 months back. It's a great book, man.  ;)

By the way, rising oil prices have made headline to my country's newspapers. Currently it is going at above SGD$2.00 per litre.
Posted on 2005-09-08 22:18:30 by roticv
While we're on the subject of alternatives to oil, has the news of the hydrogen pill been broken yet? After 2 seconds of googling I couldn't find a major international newsagency that had a story on it, but here's something about it - think they got the article from a small danish site (it's in english, though): http://www.plausiblefutures.com/cparticle275557-5911.html
Seems a nice step forward.

Posted on 2005-09-09 01:52:20 by Fake51
Doesn't the sugar cane alcohol  solution sound really sweet and its proven and works well. I wonder why oil companies attack it so readily ? Could it be that its a viable ecologically sound alternative that is completely renewable ?


hutch at movsd dot com
Posted on 2005-09-09 07:25:59 by hutch--

I know sugarcane is sweet, but I don't think it is sweet to convert sugarcane to alcohol. It is because we have to end up burning alcohol and in doing so we end up producing carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. It might burn cleaner (less soot), but it produce less energy per mass because of the fact that alcohol is partial oxidised.

Let's stop producing carbon dioxide, shouldn't we?

Posted on 2005-09-09 07:58:44 by roticv

It has been done in both Brasil and in Australia in the cane field areas of Queensland and it has a number of advantages in terms of being a lot cleaner, burns at a lower temperature which reduces nitrous oxide and with the side effect that because it has a lower combustion temperature, you don't have to jet a working engine to temperature control it by making it richer. It is also a lot higher octane so it delivers more energy in an engine that is set up for it with a higher compression ratio.

As it grows, it produces enough combustible byproducts to supply the energy to power the processing from sugar cane to alcohol and the main advantage is you can grow it year after year forever.

We are lucky in OZ that we have a near unlimited supply of coal which is mainly used for electricity generation as well as export but to take the load of oil based fossil fuels for vehicles, alcohol is a very good renewable alternative. It has been heavily supressed by the oil industry because it is a viable alternative but the tcnical data is well known and its cheaper to produce than hydrogen and a lot safer to store and use in vehicles.
Posted on 2005-09-09 22:20:26 by hutch--
This story describes using grass instead!


The CO2 "problem" is not accurate because within a short period of time the grass absorbs the CO2 to grow and the releases it when burned.  Coal and oil burning, releases CO2 absorbed millions of years ago, and therefore a netshort term increase in CO2.

Posted on 2005-09-10 00:05:21 by farrier