Ive already created the framework for a client that will be on my downstairs computer.. It then connects to my server on my main computer and sends a message.

My problem is Im on a network which my downstairs computer shares internet with... My main upstairs computer sometimes changes its IP as well as my downstairs one.

I need to find a way to let automatically locate my upstairs computer ip..... How could I do that since it changes sometimes?
Posted on 2005-09-03 15:43:41 by shism2
easiest way, assuming the ip's on both pc's on the lan are xxx.xxx.xxx.* then you could just do a udp broadcast, say every minute or so until the machines find each other, just send as normal but make the last 'digit' of the ip to .255 so it'll do a broadcast
Posted on 2005-09-03 16:27:06 by evlncrn8
Anyway to do that using tcp?
Posted on 2005-09-03 16:48:09 by shism2
nope, except connect to all ips, the ones that connect is your pc then
Posted on 2005-09-03 18:14:18 by Qages