Just a quick message to say thanks for the easy code  ide system, it's a brilliant piece of software.  I write drivers and embedded software, and my fellow work colleagues are now seriously wanting to use it for their projects.  I write all my code in assembler, using fasm, masm32 or hla, and your system makes it so much easier to get prototypes up and running quickly, in fact quicker than ever for windows ;-)  I've tried other asm ide's but yours outperforms them and is much more intuitive by far.  I use your system to write cross platform as well, as I write software for about 5 different processors and operating systems.  So basically thank you for your hard work, its one cool app!

Anyway I'll let you get back to your excellent work.



Posted on 2005-09-14 15:33:01 by binaryguy
Hi binaryguy,

Thank you very much for your kind words and your support!


Posted on 2005-09-15 11:29:13 by rsala