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How to change the struct to a win32asm struct
  typedef struct tftphdr {
USHORT tu_opcode;
USHORT tu_block;
USHORT tu_code;
char tu_stuff[1];
char th_data[1];

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Posted on 2005-09-14 21:13:39 by SexyPink
This should come close as l9ng as I am right the a USHORT = WORD. Below is MASM format for a structure.

tftphdr STRUCT
  tu_opcode WORD ?
    tu_block WORD ?
    tu_code  WORD ?
    tu_stuff BYTE ?
  th_data BYTE ?
tftphdr ENDS


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Posted on 2005-09-15 07:10:07 by hutch--