Has anyone ever done this. Do you know of any libs for doing text to speach or source code in win32asm.
thanx in advance
Posted on 2001-12-02 14:11:16 by Predator
M$ has a huge speech SDK, and it does text to speech (and the demos are not bad, you type into Notepad and it tries to speak what you typed). This SDK is free, and has truckloads of libs etc that you can link to. Once you download it, be prepared to have no more free time :)
Posted on 2001-12-02 15:52:04 by sluggy
I made an Object for our OOP model that takes care of this. It uses the MS AGENT com that Sluggy was getting at. I've hacked out all the work and its all pre-packaged in our OOP format.

I have a working example posted on Thomas' web page (co-designer of our OOP model). You can get it
in the OOP downloads section, here. As well the basics of our model has been included in Hutch's newest release of MASM v7. It has the best set of information available in it to learn how to use the model.

If memory serves me tho, the example could have been explained better (from how its was designed to demonstrate itself). Basically you copy some texts onto the clipboard, and click the first toolbar button on the example program. The computer will begin to read it back to you IFF you have downloaded the MS AGENT files (not the SDK, just the needed lib's). There is a link to the web page from this thread where i first posted the example.

Posted on 2001-12-02 18:04:15 by NaN
Posted on 2001-12-03 06:17:12 by Dr. Manhattan