Im trying to set the range min and max with the message TBM_SETRANGEMIN and MAX but it wont set it to the number i set. It always seems to stay at 0 and 100.
Posted on 2001-12-03 14:25:21 by ChimpFace9000
Hi ChimpFace9000,
looking at your code would be useful, but I can supply you an example of what I have once done to set the range of a slider between 0 and 13. Here it is (it's an old code, so don't look at call instead of invoke and it was also TASM, but here it doesn't mind):

push IDC_SLIDER_DOPPIE ; This is the Resource ID of slider
push hWndDlg ; this is the handle of the dialog
call GetDlgItem ; obvious
mov hWndSldDoppie,eax ; store slider handle
push 0000D0000h ; lParam -> High = 13, Low = 0
push TRUE ; wParam
push TBM_SETRANGE ;obvious
push eax ; eax is the slider handle
call SendMessageA ; obvious

It does work well in my program.

I hope it's usefull.

Posted on 2001-12-03 15:46:53 by dguzz