Hi everyone.
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I am facing a strange problem with ListView control. I do InsertItem but the string is not shown in the listview??? Even when i do GetItemCount on the ListView after adding the item , it correctly shows me 1, but the string is still not shown? I am posting the code here. Sorry for it being in C, but i believe noone should have problems understanding it.



//creates the window
m_cdhWnd = CreateWindow( WC_LISTVIEW, NULL, dwStyle,
rect.left, rect.top,rect.right-rect.left, rect.bottom-rect.top,
m_hWndEdit, NULL, m_pApp->GetHINSTANCE(), NULL );


LV_ITEM lvi ={0};

ListView_InsertItem(m_cdhWnd, &lvi);

ListView_SetColumnWidth(m_cdhWnd,0,LVSCW_AUTOSIZE );
int i = ListView_GetItemCount(m_cdhWnd);
Posted on 2001-12-04 04:42:30 by MovingFulcrum
Although you used LVS_NOCOLUMNHEADER in the listview style, you still need to have at least one column. It will not show that column, but it is required to show items.

Posted on 2001-12-04 06:05:02 by Thomas
Thanks a lot Thomas. And silly, silly me. I had been sitting on that for hours, checked each and every window style and almost each line of code concerning it. Next time i will try to be more careful:)

Hiro,if you feel you can delete this post. Way too silly to stay here:)

Btw, Thomas, That wizard of yours looks pretty angry;)
Posted on 2001-12-04 09:30:14 by MovingFulcrum
It's not too silly MF... if people knew how to search, a post like this
could keep the same question from being asked twice =).
Posted on 2001-12-04 10:22:47 by f0dder