I want to know if somebody knows how to debug a DLL. Usually I work with VS6 debugger that shows the source code lines from the .pdb file. Now I’m writing an AddIn in form of a DLL and the debugging process is by far harder without the references to the source. I noticed that when compiling the DLL, no .pdb file is generated. Perhaps this is the problem… Can anybody help?

Posted on 2005-09-23 04:40:56 by Biterider
you can place breakpoint in the dll, but debug application - caller of this dll: start debug it, run and it will stop in your dll.
Posted on 2005-09-23 04:48:45 by Shoo
Hi Shoo
Yes, you are right, but I can't see the source code...

Posted on 2005-09-23 04:49:48 by Biterider
understand. i just did not read post to the end :) here i've made dll from example and fast app to call it. i'm using olly: i set path to project folder as contained symbolic information - and it showed me it - just never used vs debugger. maybe you should just adjust switches? you can see them in the dll.wap started from Debug...

ps. what i saw in debugger - isn't it? (i just tried this at a first time)
Posted on 2005-09-23 05:15:04 by Shoo
if you assemble /compile with debug info ollydbg should show you the source
either by using ctrl+f5 or in the information page or by changing the display mode of comments and messages column to show the source (no i havent tested with dlls but exes so may be there is a problem will test it some time later )
but i have successfully used the scan object files on dllss (during some plugin coding to ollydbg)
may be you could try scanning objfiles (right click> analysis> scan object files >add >scan )
Posted on 2005-09-24 11:43:00 by bluffer
Hello Biterider,

I use vs6 debugger for exe and dll's.  Under project settings->custom build use command line ml /c /Cx /coff /Cp /Zi /Zd $(InputPath) output $(InputName).obj  Then you can single step or whatever through your source.

best regards,

Posted on 2005-09-25 20:33:23 by czDrillard
Thanks to all
I modified my switches and now I get the .pdb file and the debugger shows the source lines.  ;)



Posted on 2005-09-26 00:42:17 by Biterider