HI all

Yet another question.
Assuming i have the HEX codes for the corresponding letters how would i make a message box using them


invoke messagebox,0,>Message Here<<,MbCaption,MB_OK

lets say i wanted the message to be "HI"

H= H&48
I= H&49

how do i get H&48+H&49 to equal HI and not a mathematical thing?
Posted on 2005-09-25 01:31:56 by LordHighExecutioner
never mind folks....i got it !!!! 8)

mbCaption db "I wanna hex you up!",0

mbText db ?

    mov byte ptr,48h
    mov byte ptr,49h
    mov byte ptr,0   
    invoke MessageBox,0,addr mbText,addr mbCaption,MB_OK
    invoke ExitProcess,0
end hextest 

good stuff
Posted on 2005-09-25 02:30:21 by LordHighExecutioner
I deleted your other thread - Hope you don't mind.
Posted on 2005-09-25 02:35:38 by roticv
also easy way is to use the "chr$" macro

invoke MessageBox,0,chr$(48h,49h,0),chr$("I wanna hex you up"),MB_OK
Posted on 2005-09-25 08:22:06 by diablo2oo2