Hi Ketil,

Just a little request, I could do this as an addin but it seems a bit trivial for that, it would be nice if when I set a control to multiline (ie buttons) an edit dialog would open when double clicking the caption entry of the properties window. The text entered would have to be modified to insert the available ANSI escape sequences before being written to the RC (or DLG) file but that is a fairly easy thing to do as there are not alot of available options:

ScanAndReplace Frame pszText,pszOut
uses edi, esi
// This will scan and insert the following escape sequences
// \n New line (0Ah)
// \r Return (0Dh)
// \t Tab (09h)
// \a Backspace (08h)

mov edi,
mov esi,

mov al,
cmp al,0Ah
je >.n
cmp al,0Dh
je >.r
cmp al,09h
je >.t
cmp al,08h
je >.a
mov ,al
inc esi,edi
cmp al,0
jne <


// Replace
mov W,"\n"
inc esi
jmp <.RETURN

mov W,"\r"
inc esi
jmp <.RETURN

mov W,"\t"
inc esi
jmp <.RETURN

mov W,"\a"
inc esi
jmp <.RETURN


Just a little change but it might be useful to some.
Posted on 2005-09-27 00:14:44 by donkey
Hi Edgar

Good idea. I will add it.

Posted on 2005-09-27 08:25:56 by KetilO