Hi, 8)

I heard about the OCR, for recognition of text in an image,
Does anyone has its dll or sourcecode ??
i really need it in asm, c++ will do it too ( but ruin my project )
Asm will do it better cause im working in a small project ( 13k.. 5k packed so far :D)
what i need to do is a letter recognition in a small image ( about 60x60px with a 18px letter size)

if u have another way of doing this le me know ok ??


(srry my bad english  :lol:)
Posted on 2005-09-27 06:38:40 by GR33d
My guess is not to many people will probably be quick to offer something like that because such sourcecode could be utilized to write auto-registration stuff for ust about any online registration form since most of online reg stuff seems to moving towards that. If that's not the purpose than I sure hope I'm wrong and that someone helps, but one might guess that'd be what your figuring on using for it.. My friend did write a program that took bmp's and converted them to ascii characters, or at least he was playing around with writting that, and he said basically the way it's done is through dithering, you just keep dithering the picture a bunch and then I guess he matched characters up based on that.. That should point you in the right direction providing he was right that is..
Posted on 2005-09-27 20:43:46 by EtErNiTy
Are you need to recognize character of some permanent font and character shape or you need to do some kind of intelligent character recognition (distorted characters, random font, etc.) ?

In first case you can do it by dithering the image as EtErNiTy said, removing all the irrelevant noise, and doing simple bitmap compare. Google for it - there are plenty documents explaining this.
However if you need to to recognize set of characters with unknown shapes/font - neural networks should be used. I am not an expert on the subject so once again better google for it  ;)

Visit http://jocr.sourceforge.net project and their link page for more info.
Posted on 2005-09-29 11:14:08 by arafel
You might want to check out www.madwizard.org. It has a neural network sample in assembly that recognizes characters. It's not a real OCR engine, but it can get you started.
Posted on 2005-09-30 08:11:23 by death