Sorry if I`m asking dumb question.
I never dealed WM_INITDIALOG message and GetDlgItem proc, but all RAGrid examples I`ve found using are created with them.
How to deal RAGrid control thru WM_CREATE and CreateWindowEx?

p.s. Does any RAGrid documentation with all things described exist?
Posted on 2005-09-28 09:43:21 by veach1

I don't know the proper answer to your question: why a dialog instead of a "standard" window, but I believe it might be possible to implement the grid in a standard window.

What I can tell you is that RAGrid is a very useful tool I use in a number of programs that are used heavily every day.  I'll be glad to try to help you with any questions.  What are you trying to create with the RAGrid, maybe that might let us make suggestions or show examples.

Posted on 2005-09-28 16:38:31 by farrier
I`m writing database viewer and used standart ListView in it, but 25 columns containig 15000 rows... even scrolling killing me. So I decided to use RAGrid ctrl, it have really good things inside.
Posted on 2005-09-29 01:34:43 by veach1
Hi veach1

It is not a problem using CreateWindowEx.

Here is an example.

Posted on 2005-09-29 04:08:08 by KetilO
Thank you.
Posted on 2005-09-29 14:17:49 by veach1
One more question, please.
I wish to make DLL independent program.
What should I change to use RAGrid linked from LIB file?
Posted on 2005-09-30 08:44:26 by veach1


includelib ragrid.lib


I don't have unrar, most use .zip format!!  So I can tell what your code is!  I thought you were using FASM?
Posted on 2005-09-30 09:06:03 by farrier

It's fasm.
Sorry, can't help since i don't know fasm syntax.

Posted on 2005-09-30 09:18:40 by KetilO
KetilO, how would you do it in MASM?
Include LIB I understand, but I mean how to initiate control without using LoadLibrary?

here it is in zip :)
Posted on 2005-09-30 09:54:35 by veach1

Search both here and the FASM forum for posts from Vortex,

Try this:


Posted on 2005-09-30 16:20:09 by farrier
hmmm... finally, after all,  I`m still at the beginning
Posted on 2005-10-03 01:51:24 by veach1
Doing it in masm is easy. Probably just as easy in fasm if you know how.

Posted on 2005-10-03 05:25:57 by KetilO
now I undestood it, thank you again!
Posted on 2005-10-04 02:07:28 by veach1