Hello Guru's,

I am trying to create a Win32 program (with NASM) that will transfer data from a client to a server then to another client. I think the theory of operation would be kinda like a chat client/server setup. I have done many Google's, but haven't come up with anything. What I am asking for is help finding a code snippet that would connect to a server program from a client program (through the internet, not necessarily using port 80 though), and for the server program to be able to connect to the client program(s).

I am fairly new to assembly (So you might need to explain potential answers ;)).

Thanks in advance for your help!
-Brian Jennings
Posted on 2005-10-01 16:54:11 by BrianJennings
That's called a "servent" (aka server-client).
I assume you are thinking about writing a P2P.
I have one such project I shelved a little while ago due to Sherman Networks (owners of the corporate tree behind Kazaa) being sued in Australia, where I live.
It looks like setting a world precedent too.
Basically if you don't do your damn best to make it difficult to share copyrighted content, then you are assisting the criminals who do so by default, as you are facilitating the crime. This means you are liable to prosecution. They already lost their case and were appealing last I heard.
Just think hard about what you want to achieve here.
Make it sound reasonable and I'll help you.

Posted on 2005-10-02 08:16:51 by Homer
Well, what I wanted to do was lay down a basic preliminary for a chat program. Though C++ and other high level languages have all this stuff down pat, I am really enjoying ASM and donít want to do any of that intermingling of languages. Later upgrading to voice chat if I was so inclined. There would be no outside files being sent, the only data that I would be sending would be generated in my program. So there would be no problem with copyrighted content being shared.

When you say P2P do you mean that the connection would be directly between the clients? I think that I would only do that if I was doing voice chat. But I would only be doing regular text chat to start off with.

Brian Jennings
Posted on 2005-10-02 14:04:44 by BrianJennings
This is my chat client and server (both are separate apps) using DirectPlay7. I wanted the server to be a console app driven by commands. Everything works, except that the server doesn't start on winXP (it has some console-related problems).

Everything is well commented, I think, so you should be able to learn a thing or two. Especially that this is a comlpete, working (except the mentioned console bug on XP) chat project.

Good Luck.

BTW: i don't need it aymore (i wrote it strictly for learning purposes) so do whatever you wish with it.

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Posted on 2005-10-02 15:07:13 by ti_mo_n