Whats new:
o New advanced edit commands addin (AdvEdit.dll).
o New auto correct addin (AutoCorrect.dll).
o Added Find Previous Word command to Edit menu.
o Added Indent, Outdent, Comment and Uncomment to toolbar.
o Exposed lpSetTextLink and lpScanWord functions to addins.
  - See RadASM.inc and RadADDIN.inc for more info.
o Updated language pack.
o Improved bcet support.
o Added FreeBASIC support.
  - http://www.freebasic.net/
  - Install FreeBasic to C:\FreeBasic
o Possible to define your own default project file groups.
  - See RadASMini.rtf for more info.
o Dialog editor now has a multiline edit control to enter multiline text.
o Fixed a bug where struct codecomplete would trigger on partial text.
o Language files moved to C:\RadASM\Language
o Stringtable entries now 512 bytes (previous 240).
o Updated RAGrid custom control.
o The dialog font characterset is now written to the rc script.
o Fixed a buffer overrun bug in RadHelp addin.
o In the MakeDefNoProject you can now specify $ (whole filename) or $.cpp (filename without extension)
  - This solves a problem working with *.c or *.cpp files.
o Added AIM_EDITKEYDOWN and AIM_EDITCHAR. You don't need to subclass RAEdit anymore. (AutoCorrect and CodeTemplate)
o Exposed more data to addins (TabSize).
o Exposed more handles to addins (fonts).
o Added option to manage programming languages.
o Added Text link manager addin by cakmak (TxtLnkMan.dll).
o Added TabAddin by lancome. Adds code formatting functions.

Posted on 2005-10-12 16:19:14 by KetilO