Hi All,
I've just posted a new version of HLA on Webster.
HLA v1.78 includes a new @sort compile-time function that does a quicksort using a user-defined compare operation. This dramatically speeds up the SWITCH macro if the cases are not presorted and the number of cases is rather large (a "bubblesort" option exists that uses the original sort macro if you've got a huge SWITCH statement whose cases are sorted). I've also added an "array.lookupTable" macro to the standard library that makes it easy to generate large lookup tables in an associative manner (much easier to maintain). Finally, I've fixed some problems with the Linux v1.77 release dealing with include files and the standard library.

You can find the new download at the HLA download page:

Randy Hyde
Posted on 2005-10-15 15:07:31 by rhyde