Hello Community

Project language: NASM
I have a small problem with OLE drag-drop implementation
I have implemented three interfaces: IDataObject, IDropSource and IDropTarget

1. returning DRAGDROP_S_DROP in CDropSource::QueryContinueDrag() causes fatal error
fixed this exception by directly calling IDropTarget:Drop() and returning DRAGDROP_S_CANCEL
DropSource class constructor need pointers to DataObject and DropTarget classes.
Added two custom methods to DropTarget class: setSource() and setDestination()
2. Drop in menu owned by a dialog closes the menu
3. unknown error while moving menu items with popup menu. Second move always fails

Also this project is very easy to use: you call only InstallDragDrop(hwnd, hMenu, bDialog, bInstall)
Currently is not finished: the two problems (the first two are not critical) and the InstallDragDrop() uses module-global variables, so you cannot install drag-grop for more than one menu

If anyone can help...
Posted on 2005-10-17 14:52:34 by sapero