I'm extremely new in asm, but I want to know, how can I work with .jpg files and how to get a few .jpg's in one .mpg file. Could you help me (or just give me a link to any resuorces about this topic). I'd be gratefull.

xwicher, the Newb
Posted on 2001-12-05 05:22:44 by xwicher
this question is like:

Hey - I never did something practical, but now I want to build
a house. I own a shovel and some stones - how to build?

*joke off*

this tasks are extremly hard to solve, even in asm, but also
in other languages. Maybe you try to find a ready-to-use
Posted on 2001-12-05 05:29:13 by beaster

as a beginner it will take you an amazing long time and as a professional a long long time too.

solution #1:
Just look for some libraries which will shorter the way to your goal. That way I cant give help.

solution #2:
- get the JPEG docu from web
- get the JPEG reference code (C language) www.wotsit.org
- write you own JPG decoder
- get the ISO/IEC 11172/1 and 11172/2 standard
- write an MPEG encoder
- maybe you will need an multiplexer too

This will take you approximately 1-2 years of work I promise.

Looks like the most gigantic project I've ever seen on this board. But dont care. It's a lot of work and makes lot's of fun.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2001-12-05 05:37:31 by miracle
BTW ..

there is a special Motion JPEG/MJPEG format. In contrast to a real MPEG file it consists of JPEGs as far as i know .. www.jpeg.com.

Maybe this will reduce the work by a couple of month.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2001-12-05 05:50:21 by miracle
Hey miracle, how is your mpeg player going?
Posted on 2001-12-05 09:02:58 by f0dder
Hi F0dder,

runs great for MPEG1/MPEG2 video and layer1/layer2 audio but now I'm in the hell again turning it to a dvd player with AC3/DECSS/SPU/IFO etc. Some parts are still finished.
In addition I try to write an encoder so that I'll be able to do some DVD authoring. :-)

I guess in 2525 I'll start the next piece of coding.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2001-12-05 11:37:22 by miracle
If I've said "I'm extremely new" I meant I've never programmed WIN32. I just want to know, how to use its libraries to view jpg.
Posted on 2001-12-06 01:40:05 by xwicher

there is no library which can decode JPEGs in WIN32. Atleast in a Win95/NT plain installation I dont know of any. There is a "Intel Performance Library" which can do some tasks of it like IDCT and huffman decoding. Some viewers are available with libs decoding various gfx formats.

Libraries supporting encoding of MPEGs I've never seen too. The theory behind JPEG and MPEG is quite similar but if you try to turn a JPEG to MPEG (I-frame) you'll need to convert the JPEG to YCrCb/RGB first. Then you can encode it. There is no way to turn a JPEG to MPEG directly.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2001-12-06 04:13:48 by miracle