Released 3 weeks ago. I'm sure to dive in the physics(dynamics) core first ^^
I'm sure we asm coders can optimize that stuff a lot  ;) .I'm disappointed by the performance of ODE and ODFRocket, HL2 shows that much more can be done with the same cpu power, and over HUGE worlds/levels/terrains.
Anyway, it's going to be a very good reference for learning how to make 3D engines ;)
Posted on 2005-10-19 12:53:45 by Ultrano
Cool  8)

The URL is wrong though, should be:
Posted on 2005-10-19 18:37:28 by QvasiModo
Unfortunately its "dynamics" is primitive - just the BSP collision detection. Seems like just the graphics and AI was improved since Q2 ;(
I can't find any lib or src of dynamics combined with BSP CD :|  . It's a very interesting aspect of newest games, there are ~12 open-source engines for physics, but none can load a whole complex scene.
Posted on 2005-10-19 19:51:20 by Ultrano
Hm, so the full source now, not just the "game SDK" thingy?

Quake3 was a bit disappointing all-round, anyway. Sucky singleplayer, and nothing major engine-wise... just a bit prettier textures and effects.
Posted on 2005-10-21 15:48:40 by f0dder