RadASM installation problems...ver(10-12-2005)
RadASM is a very good Rad tool which makes me decide to learn assembly.
But it seems that there are a few bugs in the latest version...
"Programming language" can't be changed, the defalut is html.
  I have to modifed radasm.ini with notepad.
Yet another problem also happend in human languge,
    there is no item listed :shock: in the menu for me to change.
I also found Resource cant't add to a new program.
Posted on 2005-10-20 01:47:03 by guidry
Radasm has been splitted into packages (good idea KetilO).
it seems you only downloaded the program which has only html in,
i'm not sure if this is itended.

so go to the website again and download assembler and language pack.
in each there is readme file.

after that be sure to first setup paths. ( option->set paths )
Posted on 2005-10-20 06:52:50 by drizz
But I did download language packs and all addinsand unzip to Radasm folders.
But the problems are still sthe same.

Is there a better way to install Radasm instead if unzip? such as windows installer?

Posted on 2005-10-20 22:25:20 by guidry
Hi guidry

The only way is to unzip the files.

1. Unzip RadASM.zip to C:\RadASM. Verify that C:\RadASM\RadASM.exe is found.
2. Unzip Assembler.zip to temp folder. You will find Assembler.zip and ReadMe.txt. Read the ReadMe.txt file.
3. Unzip the temp Assembler.zip to C:\RadASM. Verify that you can find C:\RadASM\masm.ini
4. Use Options / Programming Languages and add the ones you want.

Posted on 2005-10-21 03:13:56 by KetilO
Kelio, Thank you very much.
I guess some problems are due to Windows version.
When I use Win Me, some problems occur while in XP it's O.K.
Posted on 2005-10-24 01:39:59 by guidry
Hi guidry

Yes, language translations will only work on systems supporting unicode.
This means it will not work on 95, 98 and me.

Posted on 2005-10-24 02:09:33 by KetilO