For example..
I want to compile Nan's Ms agent files in RAD ASM.
There are main.asm  msagent.asm rsrc.res Agtsvr.res...
I select "Project"->"Add existing"->"Files" so tey are in the "Added files" in the Project window.
Then I drag them according to their type, eg. asm to "assembly" res to "Resoure"
The Project Window looks as if these files are in right place.

But, while I use "Make" to make these files, they don't work.
So I open the RAP file to see why, and it reads as following...
The files appears in the project windows are not the same as make files.
Why? Isn't RAD ASM a WYSIWYG tool? Or, am I doing something wromg?

  ----->These are what I see in the project windows

  --->The files that I see in the Project window don't apeared here. So errors occur.
2=testagent.asm  ---->  It has been deleted in the Project Window, but still here.
Posted on 2005-10-24 02:16:07 by guidry
Hi guidry

There is no artificial intelligence here. And trust me, you don't want it.

Use Project / Main Project Files and set the files of interest.

Posted on 2005-10-24 03:25:04 by KetilO
Thank you for your advice. KetilO
I really appreciate Rad ASM very much.
It's the most powerful free & open source  RAD IDE that I've ever seen.
It's more powerful than Dev C++ that I used to use.
The only reason for me to stop useing C++ and turn to Assembly, is due to RAD ASM powerful
code completion.
KetilO, you are realy a genius, for making such a powerful RAD IDE on your own. Besides, it's wriitten totally in Assembly, no any higher langue used to develope this IDE.
Great job, KetilO. keep going on. With your effort, Assembly won't die, even if the term "Assembly" has been changed reference by Mircrosoft to another meaning. 

Posted on 2005-10-25 02:01:22 by guidry