I'm trying to add a light to the scene. In windowed mode everything worked OK, but in fullscreen the light doesn't light  :shock:  everything is dark (not black because I have ambient light set to 0xFF303030, which is 'dark grey'). The fault is probably in the setting light's and material's parameters. What do I need to set for the light to be visible? I set material colors (D3DMATERIAL9), light colors, type (directional) and direction (D3DLIGHT9), I set the light and enable it, then I enable Lighting calculations. Global and material ambience is set, so I can see the scene (though very dark). Emmisive color works properly too. So it seems like the light vector and/or normal vectors suck (so I can't see the Diffuse color), but that's impossible (or is it?), because the same scene works OK in another application (so the normals must be ok), and I use _SAME_ light vector in both apps. ... So as I've said: The only difference I see is that the first app is windowed and the second is fullscreen (but of course that can't be the case, can it?).

Any ideas as to where should I check?


Solved: There was a bug during the initialization which resulted in all lights turned off.
Posted on 2005-10-25 20:07:07 by ti_mo_n