Does anybody knows how to convert between omf and coff format?
And coff and omf?
I would really apreciate some help because I need to use the Intel Compiler and C++ Builder to generate differente objs e after all link them...

Can Anybody help me?
Posted on 2005-10-26 00:34:49 by ricardochl
Are you looking for a tool to convert between omf and coff? DigitalMars has a coff2omf tool
Posted on 2005-10-26 03:32:58 by roticv
To convert an OMF object file to MS COFF :

link -edit objectfile.obj
Posted on 2005-10-26 04:54:42 by Vortex
Dump Borland C++ Builder unless you *have* to use it...
Posted on 2005-10-26 05:57:07 by f0dder
Digital Mars coff2omf is free? Is it possible to download it from their site?

What's the problema with C++ Builder? It's a good IDE for C programming, I think, better than MS VC++... isn't it?
Posted on 2005-10-26 22:18:08 by ricardochl
BCB has sloppy code generation and a bad libc... which IDE is best is up to personal preference, but the MCVC compiler is better than the BCB compiler.
Posted on 2005-10-27 05:12:31 by f0dder
Do you mean that MSVC generates faster code than BCB? I don't know this... but I think that develop graphic interface in BCB is easier.

Anyway, I enter in a project that uses BCB and interface is developed with vcl (made in pascal, so I have to agree that it's slow than one made in C or assembly, of course). But, the question is that the project has many non-graphic modules and I would like to use Intel Compiler to compile them and after link with graphic modules... I read in many sites that Intel Compiler is the best C++ compiler, does anybody disagree of that? And how would you do to link these objs?

Thanks for any possible help.

PS.: sorry for any english mistakes, i'm not from an english native country...
Posted on 2005-10-27 11:06:09 by ricardochl
MSVC generates better code than BCB, yes - and the runtime libraries are less clunky (last time I checked, BCB uses iostreams to implement printf, which makes for pretty large executables).

But well, if you want to use VCL for your apps, then you're pretty much stuck with BCB and Delphi :)

And yes, the Intel C++ compiler is currently the x86 C++ compiler that generates the best code... using it with digitalmars coff2omf should work fine, as long as you don't use "full program optimization" with ICC.
Posted on 2005-10-27 11:50:36 by f0dder