hi I want to ask if anyone knows how to output a variable on a lcd screen via assembler language.This is done by inputting a value in the keypad then this value is stored in a register,this value then will have to be shown on the lcd but every time the button is pressed the register is inc also so if pressed three times then the lcd will show 3 thanks!!!
Posted on 2001-12-05 11:56:07 by thepineapple1
Here is a simple debugger code:

0D9D:0100 mov ah,01 ;ask for input
0D9D:0102 int 21 ;and show it
0D9D:0104 cmp al,1B ;look if is ESC pressed
0D9D:0106 jz 120 ;if so go to 0d9d:0120
0D9D:0108 jmp 100 ;if not ask for another input
0D9D:0120 int 20 ;finish the program
Posted on 2001-12-05 19:09:52 by CodeLover