Hello everyone...
I've been unsuccessfully trying to find a resource editor/builder/creator (I don't know how you call it).
What resource editor/builder/creator do you use?
Where can I download one or buy it?
I have Borland Resource Workshop but it is too old.
Does anyone know one newer?
Thanks in advance.
Posted on 2001-12-05 13:00:22 by dilau
I use RadASM. Search for it on the forum. It r0x :)

Posted on 2001-12-05 14:05:22 by Delight
I like to use Wedit...

It reminds me of the microsoft one, but a lot less in size.
Posted on 2001-12-06 00:18:59 by matthew
I use the dialog editor of Borland C++ 5.02. I have used just about every one and this one is the best I have found. It is not stand alone but is part of the IDE but I believe the IDE can be run right from the cd without a complete installation.
Here is a link where you can purchase :

Posted on 2001-12-06 06:49:49 by jcfuller