file manipulation about search/compare/replace!

Is there any good source code to study?
Posted on 2005-10-31 20:56:29 by Eric4ever and check out masta's tutorials. (2nd one) It's for Tasm but translating it to masm is pretty straightforward if you know what you're doing  ;-)
Posted on 2005-11-01 05:55:43 by JimmyClif
do you mean you want to manipulate the content of the file or do you mean the filename(filepath) ?

i would check out this site:
Posted on 2005-11-01 08:24:44 by diablo2oo2
I just want to study some source code which compare two files and replace certain offset form one to another...

I cannot connect to The web, :( ,could you send the correlative web pages and masta's tutorials to my email(,JimmyClif? Thank a lot!
Posted on 2005-11-01 20:53:50 by Eric4ever
I Received your E-Mail, JimmyClif.
Thank you:)
Posted on 2005-11-03 00:08:32 by Eric4ever