Hello everyone

I'm planning build a small website.  I think i should have to have some kind of database instead of a bunch of web pages, im not sure.

Assembler is the only programming language i know.  I recently downloaded the free WAMPS Version 1.4.4 thinking this is where i should start.

Here is an description of what i want to do.

Similar to a standard dictionary but build for the web.  It will be using four fields.

Column 1 - word
Column 2 - definition
Column 3 - related word
Column 4 - Comment
Everything is presently listed in EXCEL.

Am im right to think i should be trying to find a  dictionary style script for PHP or mySQL.  I been trying but founded nothing? (don't know what to look for i guest)

What should i be studying PHP, mySQL, CGI etc?

I never seen much about ASM web development.  I read a few things back when i had no interest in web programming.

I ask the ASM communities because no one knows computing better than asm programmers.

From day 1, the only use of the web for me was to read threads concerning ASM coding, until now.

Thanks in advance

Posted on 2005-11-01 20:10:25 by ic2
If it's going to be small, then why not using the CSV format? It can be easily updated with Excel, and easily used with any programming language.
Posted on 2005-11-01 22:31:42 by ti_mo_n
I'd make a custom http server, with the ability to send over dynamic content, generated with asm code.
Actually, these days I'm building such a server; if I ever manage to complete it, I'll post it on the board.
Unfortunately I can't find a good enough (bug-free) Win32 server to recommend to you. "Savant" is good for the purpose, but has 1-2 bad vulnerabilities that could crash it.

Posted on 2005-11-01 23:22:06 by Ultrano
Thanks ti_mo_n for that great tip.  I searched and read up on it some.  I would have never figure that out.  Now i can finally do something about Excel.  First thing first...

Ultrano, can't wait to see it.  I should know what i am doing by than.  I been around and now got a good idea about web development.  It's not as hard as i thought.  What things can be done in asm will be where the fun will comes in.  Hope more info about this will come about.

Thanks again guys
Posted on 2005-11-02 23:50:35 by ic2