XXControls - library to develop user interface.
* easy project linking:
*> static,
*> LIB only,
*> dinamic,
* synchronisation of menu colour scheme with current Windows colour scheme,
* support for low depth colour modes.

* support for all types of menu:
*> system,
*> popup.
* hot change menu style:
*> Office XP,
*> Office 2000,
*> XNET.
*> Default.
* support for icons:
*> 16*16.
*> 32*32
*> 48*48
*> custom size...
* support for control sequences \t, \a.
(example: MENUITEM "&New\tCtrl+N", MENUITEM "&New\aCtrl+N")
* left-side menu border creation with unlimited drawing capabilities
with only single function call.

* fully cofigurable buttons with single function call
* button styles:
*> Office XP (border and fill),
*> Office 2000 (border and default fill, or transparency),
*> XNET (border and fill),
*> Default (border and default fill, or transparency).
* support for different icons for buttons for normal and hover states,
* support for buttons with multyline text: text become multyline automatically
when does not fit to the button width.
* "multibutton" buttons opening popup menus
* tooltips of 2 types (standart and balloon),
* bmp-support for 4 states of button,
* support for region bmp-based buttons,
* support for text colouring for 3 states of button,
* support transparecy for control against window background,
* support for checkbox and radiobutton,
* separate font for 2 states of button (hover and normal),
* support for sound for hover state,

Print preview, printing, page setup (XXRichEdit.dll):
* easy usage, only 3 function calls,
* printing from RICHEDIT control,
*> support for all RICHEDIT control versions,
*> automatical print of OLE and other objects,
* print from any editor (edit - control),
* grafic and raster printing from any window,
* combined print: anything what can be drawn in GDI context.
* automatical multypage preview,
* scaling from 10% to 500%,
* single mouse click on page pops a tooltip with page number,
* double click sets current preview scale to 100%,

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Posted on 2005-11-02 08:06:18 by Chib