Hi all,
my chess programs actually communicating with win32 winboard protocol through a pair of anonymous pipes with a continuous loop.

  if poolcommand then
    s = readcommand()
    parsecommand s
  end if

Actually is written in VB6 and i use API windows like "getstdhandle","peeknamedpipe", "readfile" and "writefile" to communicate with Winboard.

How i can do it in HLA?
I must use for example "createpipe" and "Createprocess" or i must try to translate my vb routine in HLA?
I read the ICZelion example 21 but is not clear at all.
Anyone can explain to me the right way to do this or if there some example about this?

Best regards
Posted on 2005-11-05 08:14:13 by Andrea Lanza