in the tutorial no. 12 i couldnt understand the following code, plz someone explain it in detail

.if uMsg==WM_SIZE
mov eax,lParam  -->>got it.
mov edx,eax
shr edx,16       
and eax,0ffffh
invoke MoveWindow,hwndEdit,0,0,eax,edx,TRUE

1.first i want to ask is what does "and" do and what is "0ffffh" and why we do "and eax,0ffffh".
2.in invoke MoveWindow,...........  we have used eax in place of width and edx in place of height and what win32.hlp says is HIWORD of lParam contains the height of client area and LOWORD contains width. is it why we have done "and eax,0ffffh"plz explain its really confusing
...Logical AND between all bits of two operands. Result is stored in operand1..... this is the  definition of "and" i have got what does LOGICAL AND means here.
3. and plz explain XOR .

Posted on 2005-11-09 12:08:11 by G`HOST
All your questions can be answered through our wiki book.

Posted on 2005-11-09 12:23:33 by JimmyClif
Hey thanx JimmyClif for directing me towards wiki books there is a lot to learn. i m really enjoying .so for a day "Iczelion's Tutorials" can take back seat. THANX again
Posted on 2005-11-10 01:06:49 by G`HOST