Hi guys
We started a new project 9 months ago and the first milestone was now reached.
We call her Jessica and Im so happy to say that shes a healthy girl full of life.
We are so proud and happy that we simply have to share it

Attached, a picture taken a few hours after birth.


Posted on 2005-11-11 05:33:50 by Biterider
Congratulations to you and the mother. She's beautiful.
Posted on 2005-11-11 05:42:24 by JimmyClif
Congratulations - have to watch after those boys, now :)
Posted on 2005-11-11 05:46:07 by f0dder

A beautiful new "Object"/"Instance"

If she is your first, you will see your life change every day in a magical way!! 

Posted on 2005-11-11 06:21:20 by farrier
Congratulations, man. What a pretty girl!
Posted on 2005-11-11 10:42:42 by roticv
Congradulations to you and your wife!!!

Regards,  P1  8)

Posted on 2005-11-11 11:18:49 by P1


A beautiful new "Object"/"Instance"

If she is your first, you will see your life change every day in a magical way!! 


So what are her "methods"? (I know corny joke)

Posted on 2005-11-11 23:34:04 by x86asm
Basic class is:

pleaseEatFood(FOOD fd);

iWantFood(ALERT alert_type, VOLUME vol);
listenLullabies(ALERT alert_type, TIME required_time);

engine states:

note: ES_SLEEP may be interrupted by high-volume sounds.

All methods may return "ALERT", such as "ALRT_SMILE", or "ALERT_CRY". "sayDaddy" returns NULL until "LIFETIME > randomTime()".

Warning: The class is constantly growing in size and system resources.

BTW: congratulations ;)
Posted on 2005-11-12 09:24:27 by ti_mo_n
Pretty Girl buddy,
Congradulations to you and your wife!!!!!
Posted on 2005-11-12 14:12:57 by Mahazona
Welcome to parenthood, I wish you all happiness.
May she be a shining light in your lives and bring you closer than ever.
Posted on 2005-11-28 09:37:20 by Homer
Congrats Biterider, beuatiful baby you have there!
I just hope you are young enough to keep up with her once she get mobile!
I got a late start(I am 44) on this family thing, and my daughter's energy level(shes 43 months old) is too much
for this old man to handle sometimes :lol:.  She just wears me out.
But, I would'nt trade this for anything, that's why my next project is due for completion at the end of May '06.

Posted on 2005-11-29 07:40:05 by rags