Some basic trouble......
How do ADD and SUB update the OF and CF;
When does SUB set the OF to 1;
What is the meaning of OF ,when we make Addition or Substraction?
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Suppose I can operate only on one-byte operands.

Consider two values:

Value 1:  0111_1111
Value 2:  1111_1111

Basically, OF is set when the sign bit of the destination register does not match the expected sign. (-127) - 2 = -129 = 127 (truncated to 8 bits). We have signed overflow. However, -127 = 129 (unsigned 8 bits), so 129 - 2 = 127. There is no unsigned overflow (borrow).

The CF will be set if there is a carry out or a borrow in of the MSB (bit 7, sign bit).  The OF will be set when the carry out of bit 7 is NOT matched by a carry in from bit 6 OR a borrow in of bit 7 is NOT matched by a borrow out to bit 6.
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