Is there any tutorial, manual or book about deep insight of Opcode on Intel family processors?
I've read the one from The Svin, Very good!BTW, Thank you, The Svin!
But there are only 8 chapters I could find.
I hope to get something going on or deeper.
Any suggestion? :shock:

                                  Thank you for any words.
Posted on 2005-11-20 22:33:43 by iNeedSpeed
..Intel manuals  ;)
Posted on 2005-11-21 03:12:33 by arafel
AoA by Randall Hyde id good.

Regards,  P1  8)
Posted on 2005-11-21 12:36:35 by P1
Do you have all apps that go with the "Opcode" articles?
The apps are the main part. And if you passed all the tests that the apps offer, then there is nothing else that need to explain you in details. The rest you can get from Intel vol.2 (end of it - there is reference in bit fields),
you see I wrote those articles not to describe all opcodes formats, yet to give basic understanding of key moments, such as that opcode and mnemonics are not isomorphic staff, bit field approach, dinamic size, "immidiate" just a name of special addressing mode etc. etc...
So it all covered in the 8 Opcodes threads, the rest is just reference job that you can get from the end of vol. 2

All the above, of course, has sense only if you've got all the apps, and passed the tests they offers for handred times in each :)

PS. Nice pig, I like it :)
Posted on 2005-11-21 17:55:45 by The Svin
Thank you P1 and arafel  :D

I am so glad for your visit to my post, Svin.
Yes, i got your mind and had your little apps

----- they are just like delicious dinner with good forks and knives.

But where could i download the ones you coded,
I got them via other net. Thank you! :)
Posted on 2005-11-21 22:05:31 by iNeedSpeed
It was formerly uploaded on the forums before the forum software was hacked into. Anyway I might have a copy of them if you need any of them.
Posted on 2005-11-22 01:15:51 by roticv
hi roticv,

can u pls upload them here.. thanx in advance
Posted on 2005-11-22 01:58:09 by lone_samurai5
the Svin and roticv:
Could you reupload here ?

We like it, are finding it,need it.
Please give it :P :) :lol: :D

        thank you!
Posted on 2005-11-22 02:48:28 by iNeedSpeed
Here's some of it.
Posted on 2005-11-22 06:17:03 by roticv
And more of it...  ;)
Posted on 2005-11-22 06:17:39 by roticv
Two more : immediate\reg coding and 16bit addr mode reg coding
The thing is that at the last opcodes threads I sent text files instead of typing explonations in the posts.
So the treads also missing those files.
AFAIK some kind person (might it be wizzra?) included all the threads with the missing here text files in one doc file (Opcode book?)
It might be found here
Posted on 2005-11-22 11:49:36 by The Svin
Thank you warm-hearts :)

It's rather helpful ----- the Community.
With lots of friends & supermen.

That's good to study with good constrctors. :D
Posted on 2005-11-22 18:26:07 by iNeedSpeed
Yeah the opcode book was compiled by wizzra, but I am not sure whether he included your programs. Maybe your opcode tutorials can be compiled and turned into a chm file.

iNeedSpeed, you are welcome.
Posted on 2005-11-22 20:29:01 by roticv