Hi guys,

Sooo, what alcoholic beverages do you like\drink and how often?

I am personally a big fan of beer (almost any kind!) and whisky, JD especially.

But the most favorite drink is Absinth  :twisted:
Recently I started to distillate my own. Yay!  Using pretty high percentage of Wormwood and making it close to the authentic recipes. Not like any magazine unnatural poison they sell these days. Homemade liquors rock!

P.S. thread was inspired by a similar one on the masm forum  :)
Posted on 2005-11-28 17:53:14 by arafel
I'm a big fan of beer - sometimes cheapo stuff that you can drink a lot of (without hangover - I don't drink crappy cheap stuff), sometimes a few good beers. A glass of red wine for dinner (or sharing a bottle with my girlfriend).

Every once in a while, something more alcoholic can be fine. I stay away from tequila, the silly bacardi breezers (and other girlie/kiddie drinks), and a bunch of other stuff. I like pure vodka shots sometimes, kahlua/black russian, and whiskey on the rocks (best I've had yet was some 14-year-old Oban).

And Absinth (Absinthe in french, Absint in Danish) is a favourite of mine. The only stuff that's readily available in .dk (without paying insane amount for international shipping) is stuff from germany which has a low content of wormwood/thujon, but it's still a nice drink. The best I've had was some 72% proof from Italy with a decent Thujon content. Mmmh :)

I've considered brewing my own - it's semi-illegal here in Denmark, but well... :)

Oh, and how often? Differs. I have some amount of alcohol at least once a week I'd say. Sometimes I have small amounts of beer or wine with my dinner every day of the week, sometimes I share a single bottle of wine with the gf one day of a week, and every once in a while I go partying and indulge in unhealthy doses one or two nights during a weekend. But more and more, it's quality above quantity.
Posted on 2005-11-28 18:09:49 by f0dder
I stopped smoking in January 2005, stopped drinking booze around June and stopped drinking caffeinated coffee/soda around two months ago. Man, I feel healthy.

But the wheels of the wagon do get kind of rickety and last week at Thanksgiving I had a couple (two) beers. They were delicious.

I mostly like ambers and stouts but I never said nay to any Tequila round ever ;)

/ of I forgot... Jaegermeister is the devil. Only drink which I ever needed to stay away from.
Posted on 2005-11-28 18:11:18 by JimmyClif
I'm a beer man myself, not to picky about them though and will usually enjoy most beers, I'm particularly partial to Stella or Miller though I find pints of the later vary so much from pub to pub that it can't be relied upon. Also (reinforcing a stereotype now) I'm a very big fan of Guinness and  the standards tend to be pretty reliable with it.

As for stronger stuff well I'm not a huge fan of whiskey (breaking a stereotype here), though will drink it if its all that going. I very much like tequila and vodka, won't touch sambuca at all. As for Absinthe, well I do be partial to a shot to kick off maybe starting off a night out, but for the most part don't like it, tastes too much like sambuca.

My favourite drink would have to be a local fire water I bought once while on holiday in the Algarve in Portugal, its apparently from the fruit of the arbutus tree 'medronho'. I've tasted a similar drink from Spain so it was probably made from the same stuff. Its a real pity that it can't be bought in Ireland.

As for quantity, well if I go out for a 'session' I could have maybe 8 pints or the equivalent in other drinks (I've a bad habit of mixing), but I tend to enjoy the nights just as much if only drink half that. It all depends on the night and what other people are doing. Thats not to say I cave under peer pressure, just that I'm a social drinker and enjoy having a couple of drinks with friends.
Posted on 2005-11-29 05:11:14 by Eóin
None.  Never have.  Never will.
Posted on 2005-11-30 08:36:50 by Pro3Carp3
Used to drink a lot of vodka before turning 18, haven't drunk vodka for almost 5 years already.
I strongly dislike whiskey. The only hard drink I like now is "rakia" - a Bulgarian beverage with 20,40 or 100% alcohol.
From the soft drinks, I like red wine and light beer (12%).
Posted on 2005-11-30 10:19:58 by Ultrano
"rakia" - a Bulgarian beverage with 20,40 or 100% alcohol.

I guess you mean 100 proof, which is about 50% alcohol. A glass of 100% will send you into a coma, and besides if it's 100% alcohol you can't go and call it "rakia", it's just alcohol ;) .
Posted on 2005-11-30 17:44:44 by Eóin
Actually, it's not 100%, but a bit above 95% alcohol. I've drunk such stuff only once - around 20ml in one shot, will never again repeat it ^^", the results are almost immediate. Google for rakia/bulgarian/drunk for some funny facts :)

here's one:
Posted on 2005-11-30 21:21:05 by Ultrano
With Alcohol there is a trick to it, if it has been well distilled and the nasty aeromatics have been vented off, the very strong ones are not rough. I have a bottle of 100 proof pure malt from the Balvenie distillery in Scotland which is very smooth and does not burn on the way down but if you drank much of it you would end up knowing what "floorboard" means.

Strongest I know about is a type of rum produced by a sugar producer in OZ CSR, "Inner Circle" rum of about 150 proof. At that strength it burns your mouth before trying to swallow any of it. I thijnk some of the overproof Bundaberg rums made in Queensland are not far off that strong.
Posted on 2005-11-30 22:32:45 by hutch--

Actually, it's not 100%, but a bit above 95% alcohol. I've drunk such stuff only once - around 20ml in one shot, will never again repeat it ^^", the results are almost immediate.

Ahh well that does make more sense. Highest concentration I've ever had was 80% but as I've gotten older I realise that drinking at a slow pace allows you enyjoy a night out more so.
Posted on 2005-12-01 04:59:24 by Eóin
Me like beer, vodka and southern comfort  8)

Posted on 2005-12-07 12:19:08 by Immortal_One
Miller Lite, Captain (with or without Coca-Cola)
while(age++){tolerance_Tequila --;}
Posted on 2005-12-07 16:07:10 by SpooK
befor I quit drinking it was everclear and beer
as close as I ever came to a hang over on it was walking up almost as drunk as when I passed out
and fast 20 minuets to get vison distorting drunk
the only bad thing about everclear is that you can't get it in a bar

Posted on 2006-02-15 20:49:33 by rob.rice