write small col's cells is very faster. and write large col's cells is very slowly.
spreadsheet with large cols, startup is very slowly, is bug?
Posted on 2005-11-29 10:40:08 by gt2000
Hi gt2000

It is not recomended to have such a large column count.
Consider max to be 26*26=676 (AA to ZZ)

Posted on 2006-01-11 00:56:22 by KetilO

Is there a way to suspend recalculation while a spreadsheet is being built by the program.  In other words, suspend recalc, size spreadsheet, specify column and row characteristics, formulas, and formats, and then do a recalc?  Would this help with spreadsheet creation time?

Thanks again, for your fine tools!

Posted on 2006-01-11 08:48:22 by farrier
Hi farrier

When updating cells in code the sheet is not recalculated until you send a SPRM_RECALC message.

What might help is to send a WM_SETREDRAW message to the sheet. I will try this.

Posted on 2006-01-11 17:31:40 by KetilO