Hi all,

This is MiniDBG, an Add-In that adds debugging capabilities to WinAsm Studio:

-Single step your application. In addition, You will have your source lines highlighted if you use /Zd for assemble and /DEBUG for link
-Watch all registers
-See last error of your API calls
-Catch break points/Access Violations
-Observe strings sent by the application being debugged ( with OutputDebugString API call).
-watch loading/unloading of dll's
-Pause your application
-Debug only single-threaded exe's (multithreaded ones will be supported in the next version)

-Last error static replaced by edit control so that long messages can be seen horizontally (ES_AUTOHSCROLL)
-Flags are now displayed
-Modify Registers/flags by double clicking on them.
-Access Violation: You can now handle the exception or pass the exception to the program being debugged

-Smaller Dialog (ergonomical!)
-Dll loaded/unloaded display changed a bit
-Log edit is ES_AUTOHSCROLL now
-Expand/Collapse to Show/Hide Log window (last state saved)
-Loaded Modules and Process Threads are now displayed.
-On DLL's Unloading, the module name is also displayed on the log window
-On Thread create/destroy, ID is also displayed on the log window
-WAE_COMMANDFINISHED is sent after MinDBG dialog is destroyed (Thanks jameio)
-registers partially displayed bug fixed (Thanks scud)

-Includes a test application to be debugged
-If anybody wants to contribute, please drop me a line
-Suggestions/feedback more than welcome


Posted on 2005-12-08 04:26:02 by akyprian

Hey, that is really handy. Works great. I won't be loading the Visual Studio debugger as often now.

Posted on 2005-12-08 20:22:17 by Greg
Thanks a lot Greg. It's good to know that it is useful!

Posted on 2005-12-13 02:46:55 by akyprian

New version uploaded on top

Happy new year,

Posted on 2006-01-04 04:04:41 by akyprian

New version uploaded on top


Posted on 2006-01-12 01:58:33 by akyprian