i use this code to show a custom cursor in my dialog

.elseif message==WM_SETCURSOR
call SetCustomCursor

align 16
SetCustomCursor proc
;---load custom cursor---
invoke LoadCursor,hInstance,1
.if eax!=0
invoke SetCursor,eax
push 1
pop eax
xor eax,eax
SetCustomCursor endp

but the custom cursor isnt shown when the cursor is over a button or checkbox. any ideas?
Posted on 2005-12-10 08:09:05 by diablo2oo2
To change the cursor is not enough to use WM_SETCURSOR or SetCursor.
You have to do it with SetClassLong.
Like that:
Posted on 2005-12-10 13:13:35 by shaka_zulu
yes, but i must do it with also with the button handle and also with the logbox handle , which are in my dialog. and there is still the old cursor when i hold the curosr over the button edge or over other edges of some dialog items.
isnt there a simple way? i dont know the handles of the edges of the dialog items....
Posted on 2005-12-10 15:25:26 by diablo2oo2
If the cursor was a standart arrow you won't have that problem,because the CursorPos is the point,pointed by the edge of the arrow.
But if i got the correct idea, you want the cursor to be changed immediately after your cursor is crossing the edge of control
is that it ?
Posted on 2005-12-10 16:12:49 by shaka_zulu