Is there a API to invoke? Or use some parameter of SetDlgItemText?
Posted on 2005-12-15 07:36:19 by Eric4ever
zero_size_string db 0

SetWindowText,hEdit,offset zero_size_string
Posted on 2005-12-15 07:42:17 by Shoo
Posted on 2005-12-15 15:23:11 by shaka_zulu
What's the hEdit for?

the Win32 reference is:
BOOL SetWindowText(
HWND hWnd,   // handle of window or control
LPCTSTR lpString  //address of string

Posted on 2005-12-15 19:02:51 by Eric4ever
it's a handle of the edit control. hWnd parameter specifies which control has the text you want to change. You can do the same with SetDlgItemText, SetWindowText, or SendMessage-WM_SETTEXT.
Posted on 2005-12-15 22:27:38 by ti_mo_n

I use GetDlgItem to get the handle first,and then use SetWindowText.... :)
Posted on 2005-12-15 23:39:41 by Eric4ever