Do anyone know the difinitions of "DM_BITSPERPEL" in Masm32 ?
  Which include file is lost in my code?
my include headers:

        include \masm32\include\windows.inc
include \masm32\include\masm32.inc
include \masm32\include\gdi32.inc
include \masm32\include\user32.inc
include \masm32\include\kernel32.inc
include \masm32\include\Comctl32.inc
include \masm32\include\comdlg32.inc
include \masm32\include\shell32.inc
include \masm32\include\oleaut32.inc
include \masm32\include\dialogs.inc
include \masm32\macros\macros.asm
include \masm32\include\debug.inc

  this is the procedure to change Display settings
SetDisplayMode	proc	dwNewWidth,dwNewHeight,dwNewColor,dwNewFreq

mov NewDM.dmSize,sizeof DEVMODE          ;size of DEVMODE structure
mov NewDM.dmDriverExtra,0                ;private driver data

push dwNewWidth
pop NewDM.dmPelsWidth

push dwNewHeight
pop NewDM.dmPelsHeight

push dwNewColor
pop NewDM.dmBitsPerPel

push dwNewFreq
pop NewDM.dmDisplayFrequency

.if dwNewFreq != 0
mov NewDM.dmFields,ebx

invoke ChangeDisplaySettings,addr NewDM,CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY

SetDisplayMode endp   

this is Radasm compiler message

C:\RADASM\Masm32\Bin\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"C:\RADASM\Masm32\Include,C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Lib" "CHECKER.asm"
Assembling: CHECKER.asm
OsInfo.asm(84) : error A2006: undefined symbol : DM_BITSPERPEL
OsInfo.asm(87) : error A2006: undefined symbol : DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY

      From MSDN ,it said the constant difinitions of "DM_BITSPERPEL" and "DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY " are defined in :
  Header: Declared in Winuser.h; include Windows.h.
  Library: Use User32.lib.

    so,where do I get to know these two definitions in MASM32 ?

  Thanks in advance!
Posted on 2005-12-16 00:38:07 by Luckrock

/* field selection bits */
#define DM_ORIENTATION          0x00000001L
#define DM_PAPERSIZE            0x00000002L
#define DM_PAPERLENGTH          0x00000004L
#define DM_PAPERWIDTH           0x00000008L
#define DM_SCALE                0x00000010L
#if(WINVER >= 0x0500)
#define DM_POSITION             0x00000020L
#define DM_NUP                  0x00000040L
#endif /* WINVER >= 0x0500 */
#if(WINVER >= 0x0501)
#define DM_DISPLAYORIENTATION   0x00000080L
#endif /* WINVER >= 0x0501 */
#define DM_COPIES               0x00000100L
#define DM_DEFAULTSOURCE        0x00000200L
#define DM_PRINTQUALITY         0x00000400L
#define DM_COLOR                0x00000800L
#define DM_DUPLEX               0x00001000L
#define DM_YRESOLUTION          0x00002000L
#define DM_TTOPTION             0x00004000L
#define DM_COLLATE              0x00008000L
#define DM_FORMNAME             0x00010000L
#define DM_LOGPIXELS            0x00020000L
#define DM_BITSPERPEL           0x00040000L
#define DM_PELSWIDTH            0x00080000L
#define DM_PELSHEIGHT           0x00100000L
#define DM_DISPLAYFLAGS         0x00200000L
#define DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY     0x00400000L
#if(WINVER >= 0x0400)
#define DM_ICMMETHOD            0x00800000L
#define DM_ICMINTENT            0x01000000L
#define DM_MEDIATYPE            0x02000000L
#define DM_DITHERTYPE           0x04000000L
#define DM_PANNINGWIDTH         0x08000000L
#define DM_PANNINGHEIGHT        0x10000000L
#endif /* WINVER >= 0x0400 */
#if(WINVER >= 0x0501)
#define DM_DISPLAYFIXEDOUTPUT   0x20000000L
#endif /* WINVER >= 0x0501 */
Posted on 2005-12-16 01:51:45 by ti_mo_n
    Thanks for your kindness.
    Now only add two difinitions in my app ,and that's O.K.
    BTW,why MASM32 include headers are not so standardized?and if there is a manual about the MASM include files?(May be I should ask Mr.Hutch... :P)   
    Thanks again.
Posted on 2005-12-16 04:42:30 by Luckrock

Both of those values are in windows.inc, at least in the latest one.

Searching for: DM_BITSPERPEL
windows.inc(15726): DM_BITSPERPEL                    equ 00040000h
Found 1 occurrence(s) in 1 file(s)

windows.inc(15730): DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY              equ 00400000h
Found 1 occurrence(s) in 1 file(s)

Use a search program to look for them in the MASM32 include files . If you don't find them, search the C header files for them. If you don't have the C headers get the Platform SDK.

Posted on 2005-12-16 11:42:23 by Greg
  Thanks ,  U are correct.
    Any time do I need to search different INC files?
Posted on 2005-12-17 04:35:41 by Luckrock

Any time do I need to search different INC files?

Just the ones in '\masm32\include'. If you don't find them in the MASM32 include files, you can get the values from C header (.h) files for Windows and create your own equates. If you don't have the bandwidth to get the Platform SDK, a good C compiler like Pelles C has the C header (.h) files for Windows.

Posted on 2005-12-17 18:47:18 by Greg
Here are all the header files if you need (Compressed from 68MB to 9MB).
Posted on 2005-12-17 22:06:17 by ti_mo_n