Msdn says that SetWindowLong got superceded by SetWindowLongPtr. How do I use that one now? Masm no go :(

Get a new user32.lib from somewhere?
Posted on 2005-12-20 12:26:46 by JimmyClif
Jimmy, for 32bit code just keep using SetWindowLong.

Otherwise, make the protos youself :)
Posted on 2005-12-20 12:50:30 by f0dder
Yeah, there is no "SetWIndowLongPtr" on 32-bit machines.

MSVC6.0 defines it in the following way:

#ifdef _WIN64

blah blah

#else  /* _WIN64 */

#define SetWindowLongPtrA   SetWindowLongA
#define SetWindowLongPtrW   SetWindowLongW

#ifdef UNICODE
#define SetWindowLongPtr  SetWindowLongPtrW
#define SetWindowLongPtr  SetWindowLongPtrA
#endif // !UNICODE

The same goes to GetWindowLongPrt
Posted on 2005-12-20 15:46:30 by ti_mo_n
Aight - Thanks guys. I did create new protos, but it didn't work - not surprising if it doesn't exist on 32 bit machines ;)
Posted on 2005-12-20 16:37:13 by JimmyClif