Can you recover files deleted from a DOS Prompt in XP ?

Oh yeah, it's  network drive too.

Drive Rescue only works on the C: drive.

Posted on 2005-12-21 15:45:56 by skywalker
Without having physical access to the drive, it'll be difficult. You might do a little search for forensics software (most on windows suck) but a friend of mine from a seminar on computer forensics several years ago literally lives by WinHEX, I've never personally used it, but it's supposedly able to bring back just about any file, and "Supposedly" has the ability to read shadow data.. which I personally won't stand beside that remark.

Last time I tried to do any computer forensics or file recovery, I was working soley on Linux, but with the vast ammount of law enforcment agencies using Windows, I find it hard to believe there aren't plenty of them around.

Sorry I can't be of anymore help than that. Computer Forensics and File Recovery isn't really my strong point as I've not studied any of that in many years.

Bryant Keller

Search some old hacking sites, if I'm not mistaken there was a file recovery tool written like 2 years ago called diana (DIsk ANAlysis) but it was refered to me by a slightly "shady" friend of mine who gathers a lot of "shady" tools.. but it would be worth a look as well.

Posted on 2005-12-25 16:52:38 by Synfire