Hi all

Is there a tool I can get which lets me step through my code line by line, and seeing it execute?  Like you used to be able to do with Turbo Pascal et al.

I really need this so I can understand what is happening with my code.

I thought there might be some switch that lets RadASM compile my code with source inside so OllyDBG coudl do it, but I can't see that functionality.


Posted on 2005-12-22 07:26:30 by WongDai
The best debugging tool for that purpose (exept Visual Studio,especialli 2005) is windbg,you can download it here:


is not easy to use,just like every other powerfull debugger,so you have to working on it and getting better in debugging techniques.

Those are my settings,i recomend you to put it on the registry first.
After that ,make form the right click of Project.wew file ->properties->open with->c:\program files\debugging tools for windows->windbg.exe
That is an example of source debugging with that tool.
You have to unzip the windbg_example in the current directory,so the files in to be in subpath \windbg_example

Posted on 2005-12-22 14:38:50 by shaka_zulu
Thanks for that.

Before I go and download this, and set it up, can you confirm that it will actually step through my source code, and allow me to see how the variables, registers, etc are changing as the programme runs?


ps You mention apart from VS6.  Do you mean that VS6 is a better option?  And that it can do what I mention above?
Posted on 2005-12-22 18:48:26 by WongDai
Yes ,the source level debugging is exactly what i'm talking about. VS6 is not a better option instead of windbg,but VS2005 really is. not VS6,because windbg is compatible with all .pdb formats /including mspdb80 and mspdb70.dll/ VS6 is only for mspdb60.dll.
Posted on 2005-12-22 23:10:30 by shaka_zulu
As I understand you, you need some kinda debug symbols.
They can be easily produced (you dont have to think what command line parameters to pass to linker to
make'em) using the very RADASM.
Go and check the Debug radiobutton in the Project\Project Options menu dialog. This way you'll have the debug version of ur project and you have only to run OllyDbg. While tracing code in it you'll be able to see originally written code in the window under the assembly code window!
Posted on 2005-12-22 23:57:00 by k3Eahn
Hi K3eahn

Thanks for your help, but maybe I am a little dumb

I have clicked the radio button as suggested (Debug) in radasm.  I then go to the Make menu and use "Run w/Debug".  This fires up Ollydbg.  I open the View "Source" window, but still no source appears.

Where am I going wrong?


Posted on 2005-12-24 01:18:19 by WongDai
WongDai, but there is another menu named Source files - check it and you'll get the list of modules(e.g. asm modules) in ur prj, double click the needed module. That's all!
There is another way which you seem to like more : use SoftICE.
1)Run SICE;
2)Run Symbol Loader;
3)Choose exe with debug info and then make the Symbol Loader load(Module/Load)
Posted on 2005-12-24 06:16:16 by k3Eahn
Unreal k3eahn!

This is perfect!

An early (2 hours) Christmas present for me!


Will also investigate softice option.

Have also been playing with Visual Studio 2003, and windbg.

regards to all

Posted on 2005-12-24 08:09:50 by WongDai