Do anyone know what's the meaning of Keyword of "NOINVERT " for the following sample:

   Thanks in advance!
Posted on 2005-12-24 03:45:27 by Luckrock
There are two main sources for your problem solution:
1. psdk/include/winuser.h
2. masm32/include/windows.inc
Are you sure you've no access to them all ?

Specifies that no top-level menu item is highlighted when the accelerator is used. This is useful when defining accelerators for actions such as scrolling that do not correspond to a menu item. If NOINVERT is omitted, a top-level menu item will be highlighted (if possible) when the accelerator is used. This attribute is obsolete and retained only for backwards compatibility with resource files designed for 16-bit Windows.
Posted on 2005-12-24 04:09:17 by ramguru
    Thanks for your detailed explanations.
      Later I search the WINDOWS.INC ,and does find the difinitions of Virtual Acccelerator Table.
      Thanks again.
Posted on 2005-12-24 06:06:33 by Luckrock