Anyone know what happened to Iczelion's website?

Haven't been able to get it for several days.
Posted on 2001-12-07 07:48:31 by gscundiff
Posted on 2001-12-07 07:54:26 by smurf
Hi !
Try !
It works well...
This url is redirected on one of the mirror...

If you have problems with this url : try

Posted on 2001-12-07 07:55:09 by JCP
Posted on 2001-12-07 21:39:45 by gscundiff
Ya i tried to email him last week and it came back.. (with the same .rxsp. on the email address. Guess Razor'X 's service provider is having some hard times..

Posted on 2001-12-08 17:42:18 by NaN