Hi all, here comes my another quetion, When I have made a UpDown_control "IDC_UDN1 equ 1002",  then how can I use it just like the number rising and down in the printing program ? which COMMAND can I handle?
Thank you !
Posted on 2006-01-03 05:51:00 by miaomiao
you have to set "buddy" - accompanied editor window via its handle, range and pos, eg.:
        invoke SendMessage,hSPage,UDM_SETRANGE,0,00007FFFh
        invoke SendMessage,hSPage,UDM_SETPOS,0,1
        invoke SendMessage,hSPage,UDM_SETBUDDY,SEdit.handle,0
Posted on 2006-01-03 05:57:40 by Shoo
Thank you very much Shoo. I will try it. :P
Posted on 2006-01-03 20:38:08 by miaomiao
I have found some codes in the package of MASM32_8.2r which name is StatusToError, It shows how to use this control.  :)
Posted on 2006-01-04 02:01:11 by miaomiao